Marathon Montcalm

du 13 au 16 Aout 2020

Challenge du Montcalm

109 km11500 D+
73 km7300 D+
42 km2700 D+
25 km1250 D+
13 km750 D+
KV1080 D+

La 31ème édition des courses du Montcalm aura finalement lieu en 2021.

C'est avec une grande tristesse que nous avons pris la décision d'annuler toutes les courses du montcalm pour 2020. Ce n'est pas la décision de la passion mais bien la décision de la raison pour garantir le maximum de sécurité aux participants et aux bénévoles et éviter la création d’un foyer infectieux.

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The Results

The Montcalm Marathon will take place from the 13th - 16th of August 2020

The people of Ariège are looking forward to it, the mountain enthusiasts are waiting impatiently, the new association ´Cap Montcalm´ will once again organize the race in 2018. This association is composed of trail enthusiasts, inhabitants of the valley of Auzat and Vicdessos, as well as the many friends of the Montcalm Race, and the professionals in the tourism sector of Tarascon Vicdessos. On the programme:


- The Vertical Kilometre with a new route, Thursday morning

- The legendary PICaPICA: With 11500m of vertical climb (D+) over 109km, this will be the world Race with the highest ratio of vertical climb to distance. 2 countries (France, Andorra), 4 refuges, 4 summits greater than 3000m, and around 20 lakes.

A race made by mountaineers for mountaineers. More information will follow shortly.

- The festival, and the youth race, Friday

- The Saturday races: The Montcalm, The Novices Trail, The Miners´ Trail

- In 2020, the Team of Montcalm Marathon reveal a new challenge! With 7300m of vertical climb (D+) over 73km



All from August 13th to 16th!


The Montcalm Marathon is much more than a sporting race. It was created with a basis in several dimensions: Economic, Touristic, Sports and nature, the Festive, the Human and the Social.


The Montcalm Marathon is a fabulous tool for the promotion of tourism, beyond Ariège, the region, the Pyrénées, and France – notably for our Catalan friends who come to climb the Pique d´Estats, ´The Roof of Catalonia´


The Montcalm Marathon has a strong identity in the mountain tourism of the Tarascon and Vicdessos valley.


These are some of the many reasons why the adventure continues on the Roof of Ariège !

Photos of previous events.